5 Big-Screen Halloween Costumes That Are Total Oscar Winners!

All month long, we've been holding intense Halloween-costume auditions … in our heads. And we'll be the first to admit, inspired ideas can be hard to come by — and even when you get that aha! moment, you still know everything hinges on the execution. That's why we turned to the big screen to get the wheels a-turnin' — and suddenly, we've got five stellar outfits on our hands.
Whether you're feeling a '90s Liv Tyler moment straight out of Empire Records, or want to go Hitchcock glam as Tippi Hedren in The Birds, swathing yourself in cinema style is so the way to go! So, for your viewing (and dressing) pleasure, check out these bona fide blockbuster-hit ensembles. Okay, enough with the previews, let's get you into wardrobe, stat!

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