11 Easy Cocktail Recipes — Bartender Approved

UPDATE: This story was originally published on October 5.
Question: When was the last time you ordered something other than a boring ol' vodka soda? We're not knocking the standby, but there's a reason why there are so many bottles behind the bar — variety is the spice of life, friends. So, we tapped a well (at top levels, of course) of bartending knowledge to bring you 11 tasty mixologist-approved cocktails—and we promise even you can shake these up at home.
Yes, Chicago's lords of libations have shared formulas for easy, seasonal concoctions straight from their own recipe books. And your friends are guaranteed to marvel over your fall-inspired Old Fashioneds or boozy pumpkin shakes. Oh, but don't worry — you won't have to light anything on fire or source any exotic ingredients to make the magic happen. These babies are spirited enough.

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