Where To Meet Men: The Ultimate L.A. Guide!

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on September 28.]
It's hard enough to find a solid car wash or tailor in this town. Let alone a man worthy of your wildest dreams. You'd think in a city with millions of people, it wouldn't be that daunting of a task — but our urban sprawl of over 80 different 'hoods makes pinpointing the primo places to find a flame a Herculean challenge.
Enter Talia Goldstein, founder of Three Day Rule, and a woman who's made it her mission in life to help you lose your heart to a whole-package man. The Patti Stanger for the modern woman, she works with girls to determine their types, then lets them loose, armed with tips, at a well-curated slew of venues. While we're not going to make you whip out the blue books today, Goldstein's identified the categories of cuties most of her clients go for and turned this town upside down with a brilliant cheat sheet to their top hangout spots. See where your "type" lands in this slideshow, and work it, girls!
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The Hip Cat
Native to the Silverlake area of greater L.A., you can find The Hip Cat at local coffee shops, thrift stores, or dive bars. He's easily identifiable by his Buddy Holly-style glasses, skinny jeans, and strategic, yet messy hair. There's something sexy about the silent type, so give this guy a chance even if he seems standoff-ish. Beware of the Faux Hip Cat, which is nothing more than a guy who shops at American Apparel and hangs out in Hollywood.

Talia's Tip: He may seem too cool for school, but try not to get intimidated. Ask him questions about his favorite band or artist and he'll instantly open up.

Diablo Taco, 3129 West Sunset Boulevard (near Silver Lake Boulevard); 323-666-4666.
Cha Cha Lounge, 2375 Glendale Boulevard (near Brier Avenue); 323-660-7595.
El Prado, 1805 West Sunset Boulevard (near Lemoyne Street); 213-483-8609.
Café Stella, 3932 West Sunset Boulevard (at Santa Monica Boulevard); 323-666-0265.

The Geeky-Sweet Guy
Though he didn't get the memo that sexy's back, his knowledge of anime will make the right woman's toes curl. The Geeky-Sweet Guy can be found at home playing Diablo III or online, immersed in World of Warcraft. And occasionally, he ventures out from behind the computer screen to pay the Apple store a visit.

Tailia's Tip: You may think you're too cool for the Nerd, but keep in mind that they're oftentimes the nicest of the bunch. If you end up with one of these guys, he will adore you. Your coolness will also rub off on him, and he'll likely scale back on the Star Trek intake. 

Golden Apple Comics, 7018 Melrose Avenue (near North Sycamore Avenue); 323-658-6047.
Magic Castle, 7001 Franklin Avenue (near Sycamore Avenue); 323-851-3313.
Landmark Theatres, 2222 South Barrington Avenue (at West Pico Boulevard); 310-473-6701.
Hi De Ho Comics, 1431 Lincoln Boulevard (between Santa Monica Boulevard and Broadway Street); 310-394-2820.
Aero Theatres, 1328 Montana Avenue (between Euclid and 14th streets); 310-260-1528.

Photographed by Molly Cranna
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The Silicon Beacher
Don't be fooled by the hoodie and understated wardrobe, this diamond in the rough could be the next Mark Zuckerberg. It's rare when he steps away from dreaming up algorithms and coding the next Facebook, so if you meet one, give him a shot because chances are he's brilliant and passionate. Plus, it's quite possible he will sell his company for $1 billion some day!

Talia's Tip: These guys work weird hours, so if you date one, be patient with his schedule. Trust us: He isn't out meeting chicks, he's at his computer.

Coloft, 920 Santa Monica Boulevard (at 9th Court); 310-395-3366.
West 4th & Jane, 1432A 4th Street (near Santa Monica Boulevard); 310-395-6765.
Startups Uncensored, Click here for more details.

The Earthy Dude
You can spot this guy by the hemp necklace he wears and the reusable canvas bag that he totes around. The Earthy Dude is often in his own world, but once he lets you in, you'll be enlightened about the RBGs in yogurt and what those little numbers on the bottom of water bottles mean. His good energy and nebulous theories about the universe are refreshing but his natural deodorant, not so much! Plus, he is the ultimate couple's yoga partner and makes a mean kale salad.

Talia's Tip: He's emotionally available, so don't be shy — ask questions about yoga practice or his favorite restaurant. You just might end up chatting for longer than you planned. 

Café Gratitude, 639 Larchmont Boulevard (near Melrose Avenue); 323-523-6383.
YogaHop, 1612 Montana Avenue (between 16th and 17th streets); 310-829-5000.
Runyon Canyon, 2001 North Fuller Avenue (near Runyon Canyon Road); 323-666-5046.
Melrose Place Farmer's Market, Melrose Place and North Croft Avenue; no phone.

Photo: Courtesy of Coloft; Photographed by Molly Cranna
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The Wholesome Hottie
A rarity on the L.A. scene, we can tell you that you won't find this guy at any Hollywood hotspots. You're more likely to find him hiking Temescal at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning or playing a game of basketball with the boys, rather than sleeping off a Friday night hangover. He's the kind of guy who will have one beer at dinner, and actually wants to get to know you.

Talia's Tip: If you're more of a morning person than a night owl, this guy could be perfect for you. Extra points if you can keep up with his active schedule!

Father’s Office, 3229 Helms Avenue (near Venice Boulevard); 310-736-2224.
Hollywood Bowl, 2301 North Highland Avenue (near Route 101); 323-850-2000.
Team In Training, Click here for more details.

The Dapper Finance Chap  
Billable hours by day, hours spending bills by night. The men in suits work hard for their money and are ready to play — he loves a good happy hour, so leave your office early and go mingle with the men in black. 

Talia's Tip: Unless you're a regular at Bar Association events and finance conferences, you probably won't catch a great glimpse of one of these good looking gents. If you see one out, make it a point to talk to him.

X Bar, 2025 Avenue of the Stars (in Hyatt Regency Century Plaza); 310-551-3332.
Nick + Stef's Steakhouse, 330 South Hope Street (between West 3rd and West 4th streets); 213-680-0330.
SmithHouse Tap & Grill, 10351 Santa Monica Boulevard (near South Beverly Glen Boulevard); 310-432-4360.
Blue Cow Kitchen, 350 South Grand Avenue (near West 4th Street); 213-621-2249.
Le Ka, 800 West 6th Street (near South Flower Street); 213-688-3000.

Photographed by Molly Cranna; Courtesy of Le Ka
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The Witty Writer
Hailing from any of the Ivy League schools, this right-brainer will keep you laughing. Self-deprecating yet confident, you will grow to love this guy's quirks and Seth Rogan-type looks (circa 2007, of course!). Take him up on the offer for a nightcap at his Hancock Park villa — he'll likely have a vintage bottle of wine and some fabulous tales from the TV set. 

Talia's Tip: Even though the TV writer is always laughing, he can be a little tenderoni. Little things like TiVo-ing his favorite shows will make him weak in the knees. 

City Tavern, 9739 Culver Boulevard (near Duquesne Avenue); 310-838-9739.
Laurel Tavern, 11938 Ventura Boulevard (near Radford Avenue); 818-506-0777.
Terroni, 7605 Beverly Boulevard (at North Curson Avenue); 323-954-0300.

The (Possibly Bad-Boy) Musician
The spectrum of rockers runs from the wannabes to the bona fides to the has-beens. You'll want to keep your heart guarded because these guys give love a bad name. Oh, and don't forget to keep an extra bottle of eye-makeup remover for you and him.

Talia's Tip: Passionate, sensitive, and expressive, you’ll know exactly what’s on his mind because chances are he’ll write a song about it. Beware: If you break his heart, he will write a song about you, too!

The Cat & Fiddle, 6530 Sunset Boulevard (between Seward Street and Schrader Boulevard); 323-468-3800.
The Hotel Cafe, 1623 North Cahuenga Boulevard (between Hollywood Boulevard and Selma Avenue); 323-461-2040.
Rainbow Bar & Grill, 9015 West Sunset Boulevard (near North Wetherly Drive); 310-278-4232.
The Troubador, 9081 Santa Monica Boulevard (near North Doheny Drive); 310-276-6168.

Photographed by Molly Cranna; Courtesy of Rainbow Bar & Grill
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The Manly (And Maybe Fratty) Man
This guy is the life of the party and he normally greets you by putting his arm around your shoulders. Half of the shoulder-hug is because he's excited to see you, the other half is because he's had one too many beers. Usually reserved and pensive during the day (most likely because he's reflecting on the events of the evening before), this somewhat fratty fellow goes wild once the sun goes down. After all, it's 5 o'clock somewhere!

Talia's Tip: Football season is the best time to snag yourself one of these manly men. Hit up USC football games and head to the bars during away games. Wear a cute jersey with jeans and don't over-do it on the makeup. Keep it simple!

BRÜ HAUS, 11831 Wilshire Boulevard (near South Westgate Avenue); 310-473-2337.
Big Wangs, 1562 North Cahuenga Boulevard (near Selma Avenue); 323-469-2449.
Sharkeez, 3600 Highland Avenue (near West 36th Street); 310-545-8811.
USC Football Games, Click here for more details.

Mr. Hollywood
BlackBerry? Check. BMW 328i? Check. Panerai watch? Check. Who would have thought that former mailroom employee could turn into the next big thing in Tinseltown? This newly confident mogul-in-training can be found socializing after work with his fellow agent types. 

Talia's Tip: These guys are chatty smooth-talkers, so ask them a few questions and they'll gladly talk your ear off!

The Churchill, 8384 West Third Street (near South Orlando Avenue); 323-655-8384.
The Pikey, 7617 West Sunset Boulevard (near North Curson Avenue); 323-850-5400.
Laurel Hardware, 7984 Santa Monica Boulevard (at North Laurel Avenue); 323-656-6070.
The Belmont, 747 La Cienaga Boulevard (at Sherwood Drive), 310-659-8871.

Photo: Courtesy of BRÜ HAUS; Photographed by Lauren Sklar

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