Albino Gives Us What Just Might Be One Of The Prettiest Lookbooks Ever

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    Jaw, meet floor. Although Italian designer Albino D'Amato has only been around since 2004, his recent resort collection makes it clear that Maison Albino is not a name to forget. The collection is undeniably feminine, but remains modern through the marriage of architectural shapes and more ladylike fabrics and subdued colors.

    Like Albino's past collections, fabric choice is a focal point for his designs. He's juxtaposed natural and raw materials against more luxe fabrics, like jacquard print and silk nylon. It's precisely this dichotomy that makes the Albino lookbook filled to the brim with inspired and printable (or should we say Pin-able) images.

    It's sometimes easy to forget that, yes, fashion is indeed art, but the Albino resort collection reminds us how true this is — which is perhaps the thing we love about it most. From the irregular pleats of the dresses and the wide, circular shape of the skirts to the inclusion of metallic headscarfs, this lookbook has earned its spot on our list of favorites, and has us looking forward to whatever will come from the Milan fashion house next.

    Photos: Courtesy of Maison Albino

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