A Heat-Free Way To Create Beachy Waves

We can't count the number of hairstylists we've spoken to who have told us that the best way to get beachy waves is to just braid wet hair at night and sleep on it. That's all well and good if you have the kind of hair that can hold a curl, but for girls with thin hair or locks that just refuse to bend, it's absolutely useless.
As a fellow wavy-challenged gal, our senior beauty editor, Megan McIntyre, feels your pain. But, after lots of testing and quite a few failed attempts, she's found the absolute easiest way to add some tousle to your tresses, and it doesn't involve a curling iron or any BS braiding.
To get this look, you'll work with towel-dried hair in the a.m. Spritz hair with a leave-in conditioner and brush it out — this will help you keep your roots smooth. Take a curling product, like Bumble and bumble's Curl Conscious Defining Creme for Fine Curls, and scrunch it through your mid-lengths and ends. Grab a one-inch section of hair at the front of your head and begin twisting it tightly, making sure you are directing the hair outward, away from the face. Let go of the twist and it should retain its shape.
Grab a one-inch section behind that first piece and repeat, then do this all the way around your head. Make sure when you get to the opposite side of your head that you are still twisting the hair outward. Megan says it's easiest if you do one side of your head completely first, then start at the front of the opposite side and work backward. This will help ensure you are going in the proper direction for each side.
Take a quick 10-minute break to apply your makeup and allow the hair to start to dry. Then, go back and re-twist each piece to tighten up your curls as they will begin to droop. Once you've finished, grab a lightweight texturizing spray, like Evo's Salty Dog, and spritz all over your still-damp hair. Now, head out the door and let those twists dry au naturel.
Your hair is going to look a little weird with those fat curls all over your head — Megan has heard everything from princess curls to Shirley Temple. Don't worry though because this is not the finished look. Once your hair has fully dried, use your fingers to shake out your hair and voilà! Textured, tousled, surfer-girl waves with very little effort and absolutely no heat, which is the last thing you need during August's muggy temps.
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