Watch: Here's How To Live In A Tiny, Tiny Apartment

After our not-too-long-ago experience of college dorm-slumming, you'd think we'd never agree to live in such a small space again. Well you'd be right...until we watched the YouTube channel SPACEStv's show Offbeat Spaces, where New Yorkers show off their creative ways to make their small (like (average size: 225-square-feet tiny) homes feel large. Take one guest, Eric Schneider who managed to cram an office, a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom in his 400-square-foot studio, while maintaining some semblance of spaciousness. Yep, you read that right.
A third grade teacher, Schneider chose to follow real estate's (...or is it just Bravo's Millionaire Dollar Listing's?) #1 rule when searching for a home: location, location, location. At his UWS apartment, he makes use of the (lack of) square-footage not only by staying organized, but by having interior designer Michael Che build an incredible origami-esque wall. The mechanism, when folded up, holds his closet, Murphy bed, (!) And, depending on his mood, he can decide which room he wants to take out unfold. We'd suggest taking notes when watching this mind-boggling video; there are some actually very practical tips on how to transform and decorate pads the size of a postage stamp. We never thought we'd say it, but maybe we wouldn't mind living in such a tight squeeze if it can be as "spacious" as Schneider's. We're not sure, though, if we'd go for moving into the smallest apartment in America. Three guesses as to how large it is?
Photo/Video: Courtesy of SPACEStv

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