From Seaweed To Swanky: A Riveting Look At The Making Of Crème De La Mer

Call us beauty geeks, but we're endlessly fascinated by the origin stories of some of our favorite products. Take Crème de La Mer, for instance: Long considered the epitome of extravagance in skin care, thanks to its cha-ching price tag of $150 per ounce, the luxe potion actually owes all its miracle-working powers to a humble piece of kelp.
We took a trip to the remote (we're talking a plane ride, two helicopter trips, and a boat ride here, people) Canadian location where this magical sea plant is harvested. The land, owned and farmed by the area's indigenous First Nations People is home to a particularly nutritious breed of kelp that is the basis of the brand's legendary Miracle Broth. Click through for some snaps from our trip, more surprising facts on how this decadent moisturizer gets made, and a peek at the latest incarnation of the creme that's coming to a counter near you, very soon.
Photos: By Jer Crowle, Courtesy of La Mer

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