20 Hot High-Tops To Kick It In Now!

We’ve all been there: Painfully enduring a night of pinched toes and blistered heels thanks to a pair of leg-slimming, sky-grazing pumps. It’s a love-hate relationship. But, truth be told, despite our heel-collecting habit, we’re turning our attention to another type of lofty sole of late: the high-top.
Yep, this sneaker silhouette is making waves like whoa these days. Plus, we’re kind of suffering from ankle-bootie and strappy-sandal fatigue and need to switch it up. The new and improved high-tops are a third-grade throwback with a modern revamp — meaning you won't find any LA Gear here! From studs and sparkles to crazy chromatics, these sleek pairs will get you haute and bothered (in a good way). Bonus: They’re perfectly suitable for a quick jaunt around this hilly city. Ready to get your kicks? Start clickin' now. .

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