Wild-Aisle Style: Peep 15 Extra-Unique Wedding Snaps From Our Readers!

Even if you're not a bonkers Bridezilla, it's easy to get wrapped up in the production value of your nuptials rather than the truly important love-and-marriage part. Don't get us wrong, we'd love to enlist McQueen couture, Mindy Weiss, Thomas Keller, and a prize-winning botanist to help us tie the knot, but the fundamentals of the best fetes call for Kleenex and blistered feet (a full bar can't hurt either!). No doubt about it, the Big Day is a matter of the sweetly swollen heart — and that's why the most memorable weddings are the ones that feel one-hundred percent personal.
So, we asked our readers to share the extra-special wedding snaps that reflect completely unique brides and grooms. And now, we're unveiling our favorite inspiring pictures right here — from sports fanatics hut-hut-hiking on the 50-yard line to pool cannonballs attempted in full bridal regalia. Brides-to-be, prepare your wedding binders for some extra-fresh content.

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