Pretty Little Writers: 7 Must-Read Beauty Blogs

The web is a crowded place, and sometimes it's hard to find the sites that are truly worth the valuable real estate on your favorites bar. While almost any beauty lover can write down their personal opinions of the ever-new products flooding the market, in our minds, a truly great beauty blog needs to have (at minimum): a great concept, beautiful website design, solid writing, and well-executed photography and video. Most importantly, they should actually be, you know, interesting to read.
We've combed through our fair share of sites devoted to all things pretty, but there are seven that really stand out for their pure excellence. Each of these standout sites is full of personality and offers content that can be appreciated by natural ladies and makeup mavens alike. These blogs are so downright entertaining that we could browse them for hours.
Here, our list of the sites that we think should be required reading for every beauty buff.
Which one of these could be your next must-read?
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The Formula

On her beautiful and informative site, writer Aimee Blaut reports on the beauty routines, or "formulas" of fabulous women (including our own gorgeous editors Annie Georgia Greenberg and Connie Wang). Blaut posts juicy backstage deets and writes up great product reviews, but nothing shines as strong as her You Are A Babe section, where she interviews industry movers and shakers to find out exactly what they use to get gorgeous.

Even more than a "what's in your bag" dish, we love us some positivity, and The Formula is basically the opposite of hating on other ladies because they're beautiful. Juicy reporting, beautiful photos, and a girl-power outlook? Well done, Aimee, well done.

Photos: Courtesy of The Formula
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The Beauty Department

The pretty brainchild of Lauren Conrad, hairstylist Kristin Ess, and makeup artist Amy Nadine, The Beauty Department is perfect for beauty novices who are looking to get their feet wet learning the latest tricks and trends. On this cheery peach-and-aqua site (love the cute design), you'll find everything, from how to master the basic blowout, demonstrated by Lauren herself, to how to bring your mani kit on the go.

While some beauty reporting can get a little staid, TBD is always pushing for fresh content and creative how-tos (a DIY berry stain made from actual berries?! Oh, yes, they did!), and we're loving every deliciously girly moment.

Photos: Via The Beauty Department
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No More Dirty Looks

This organic beauty and lifestyle site is run by Siobhan O'Connor and Alexandra Spunt, who strive to promote a beauty and wellness outlook that's all-natural yet effective.

With posts like Meatless Mondays and DIY Beauty (instructions on how to make all-natural moisturizers and cleansers in your own kitchen), Siobhan and Alexandra manage to promote all-natural beauty without straying into crunchy-granola territory. We're loving their interview with Alicia Silverstone, one of the headliners of the vegan, natural beauty movement.

Photos: Courtesy of No More Dirty Looks
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Sunnie Brook

Adorable L.A.-based makeup artist and hairstylist Sunnie Brook Jones heads this inventive blog, where she showcases her professional work while also modeling a slew of gorgeous and trendy hair and makeup looks. While we adore Sunnie's diverse posts, we have to say that our favorite work of hers so far is her lifestyle videos — cute film vignettes that show our girl getting ready for a date, ladies' night out, or a busy day around town.

While she may be a seasoned pro (with the high-profile résumé to prove it), Sunnie's site is the perfect read for any beauty lover looking for some top-notch inspiration and ideas. We're currently loving her wavy hair tutorial and her guide to getting a natural glow. Sign up for her newsletter for even more Sunnie goodness!

Photos: Via Sunnie Brook
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Into The Gloss

Once a straightforward beauty blog featuring interviews with pretty ladies from fashion, beauty, and society, Into The Gloss has expanded to become one of the best sources for beauty inspiration we've seen lately (and that new website design? Gorg-eous).

Headed by fabulous girl-about-town Emily Weiss — formerly of Vogue — this blog has a serious eye for style. Some of our favorite posts are by Emily herself — major props to our girl for trying out the under-shave trend. We love a beauty maven who can take risks, look great doing it, and share all of the juicy details with her readers.

Photos: Courtesy of Into The Gloss
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Beauty Banter

Sometimes, a girl just wants to look in another girl's makeup bag. We don't think it's stalker-ish; we're curious, and even more than that, we want to know what's good! Founder Sarah Howard gets our need for the scoop, and she's grilled many a gorgeous girl about her beauty arsenal (check out her awesome interview with our senior beauty editor, Megan McIntyre, for some great tips), along with pro scoop, reviews, DIY tips, and more.

We find Beauty Banter to be the perfect site for true beauty mavens looking for the real 411. Thanks for getting our slightly stalker-ish casually curious ways, Sarah.

Photos: Courtesy of Beauty Banter
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The Beauty Brains

For the true beauty nerds out there, The Beauty Brains is a go-to, where you can take all of your most random beauty-related questions. Recent posts include Do breast implants grow mold after 10 years? and Is it ok to use products for fine hair on thick hair?

It may seem kind of random and even a bit silly, but we love how this blog (written by a group of cosmetic scientists) aims to de-bunk all of the fuzzy claims and dramatic advertising that makes it difficult to sift through the myriad of beauty offerings out there. Educational and entertaining, The Beauty Brains is, in our opinion, pretty smart.

Photos: Via The Beauty Brains

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