Ward Off Bugs The Au Naturel Way

No, that buzz you're hearing isn't of the delightful variety, like the latest Ryan Gosling news or the happy feeling you get after a second margarita; it’s the unpleasant wing-beating of infamous summer pests, just itching to make you scratch (and much higher concentrations than normal, this year).
As synonymous with summer as watermelons and cutoffs, insects are perhaps the most annoying part of the season (along with our sky-high AC bill). We hate that we need to trade in our favorite perfumes for bug sprays that leave us sticky, greasy, and smelling like a walking chemical spill. Sure, we want to repel the creepy crawlers, but we don't want to send our loved ones running in the process.
On that front, the culprit is often DEET, the chemical ingredient found in most sprays. Though the EPA says it’s okay in small doses, the potentially harmful effects it may have on our nervous system are not on our summer-fun list. Lucky for us, a number of natural sprays and repellents boast organic, sustainable herbal ingredients that leave you smelling fabulously fragrant and also mosquito-free all summer long. Ahead, our favorite au naturel ways to keep those pesky bugs at bay. Now that's the kind of buzz we can get behind.

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