In It To Pin It: 15 Local Pinterest Users To Follow Now!

Remember when whipping up an inspiration board meant flipping through your fave glossies, and then cutting and pasting? Man, have times changed. While we’ll always have a special spot in our hearts for periodicals, the instant-gratification addict in us really digs today’s quick and compelling way to share sights and sounds.
So, clearly we’re huge fans of the Palo Alto-based, visual-heavy social site Pinterest, which is getting more influential by the millisecond. Since we find ourselves consistently repinning some pretty sweet stuff from the Bay's top tastemakers, we thought, why not share the intel? So, from an Alameda-based interior-design fiend to an Oakland fashion blogger extraordinaire, here are 15 locals who are in it to pin it. Start following — stat!
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Username: Celisse

Who: Celisse Müller, Stylist and Staffer

Stats: 2,812 Pins and 54 Boards

Followers: 344

Why We Love Her Pins:
We're obsessed with the tomboy-chic essence of the staffer and stylist's boards. While you'll come across pinned images of motorcycles and tattoos, you'll also find stunning fashion, jewelry, and enviable travel destinations.

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Username: Enid

Who: Enid Hwang, Pinterest Community Manager

Stats: 3,701 Pins and 27 Boards

Followers: 353,630

Why We Love Her Pins:
If you're not already following Enid, community manager at Pinterest, then you've barely scratched the surface of the site. Everything from street style, interesting spaces, and innovative art pics reside in her well-balanced boards.

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Username: Jchung

Who: Jenny Chung, Owner of Acrimony and ACRE/SF

Stats: 205 Pins and 11 Boards

Followers: 274

Why We Love Her Pins:
Jenny may only have 11 boards, but you'll fall in love with her sharp eye for fashion, interiors, and even cats. As the owner of Acrimony and ACRE/SF, expect the same kind of expert curation when it comes to her pins.

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Username: Gilmer_Amy

Who: Amy Gilmer, Social Media Associate Manager at Stella & Dot

Stats: 681 Pins and 17 Boards

Followers: 518

Why We Love Her Pins:
This blonde babe and social media manager for Stella & Dot has an eye for pinning girl crushes, spaces, and places. Be sure to check out her Patterns and Textiles board for bold, inspiring designs.

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Username: Cali vintage

Who: Erin Hagstrom, Blogger at Cali Vintage and ModCloth Staffer

Stats: 1,295 Pins and 37 Boards

Followers: 4,442

Why We Love Her Pins:
Blogger and ModCloth staffer Erin Hagstrom’s pins embody the spirit of, well, vintage Cali. From photographs to clothing, her color-soaked boards are timeless and dreamy.

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Username: Katepruitt

Who: Kate Pruitt, Anthology magazine Online Editor and Design*Sponge Senior Editor

Stats: 1,923 Pins and 42 Boards

Followers: 2,680

Why We Love Her Pins:
This Oakland-based babe juggles being the online editor at Anthology and senior editor at Design*Sponge — so we're not surprised how easy it was to be blown away by her boards. Her pins are a great go-to for home and design eye candy.

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Username: Katiearmour

Who: Katie Armour, Editorial Director at Matchbook Magazine

Stats: 847 Pins and 39 Boards

Followers: 3,866

Why We Love Her Pins:
Our Pinterest roundup just wouldn’t be complete without Matchbook's resident maven Katie Armour. And can you blame us? Every board, from the ones packed with interior inspiration to her style icons are a visual treasure trove.

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Username: Maia_McDonald

Who: Maia McDonald, Graphic Designer and Blogger at Conundrum

Stats: 13,356 Pins and 40 Boards

Followers: 1,598,764

Why We Love Her Pins:
Already a Pinterest celebrity, there's just no way we're leaving her off the list! If you're familiar with her boards already, then you're good. If not, you're in for a treat. You might have to lose a day or two re-pinning and loving her picks of food, drink, fashion, patterns, home, and destinations! There's even a board dedicated to her picks of fun DIY projects!

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Username: Katewoodrow

Who: Kate Woodrow, Editor at Anthology Magazine and Chronicle Books

Stats: 1,169 Pins and 34 Boards

Followers: 1,569

Why We Love Her Pins:
Everything about this Chronicle Books editor's boards screams quirky. From party ideas to paper crafts, you'll want to re-pin everything.

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Username: Meigsotoole

Who: Meighan O'Toole, Community Manager at Wired

Stats: 1,747 Pins and 34 Boards

Followers: 2,242

Why We Love Her Pins:
Just one peek at Meighan's boards and you’ll fall head over heels. With fashion, beauty, home, bike style, places, and animal pins galore, we just can’t get enough of her enticing imagery.
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Username: Kellyw

Who: Kelly Waters, Designer, Illustrator, Architect

Stats: 755 Pins and 35 Boards

Followers: 977

Why We Love Her Pins:
As a designer and architect, Kelly Waters brings all the divine possibilities of building a casa to the surface. Lots of pins for home entertaining ideas will be found. There's even a board she's starting to build just for nail art that already looks promising, so we'll have to wait and see what else she adds in the near future.

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Username: Ruemagazine

Who: Rue Magazine

Stats: 1,089 Pins and 12 Boards

Followers: 20,398

Why We Love Its Pins:
Come for the pretty, and leave with loads of creativity. There may only be 12 boards, but if you want an example of what it means to have a tastefully curated Pinterest, Rue's would be it.

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Username: ModCloth

Who: ModCloth

Stats: 1,844 Pins and 20 Boards

Followers: 30,037

Why We Love Its Pins:
Hit up ModCloth’s Pinterest for all the DIY inspiration you could ever ask for. It doesn't stop there though. Within the boards are super-cute party ideas, food photography, book recommendations, vintage photographs, and countless fashion pins!

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Username: Sfgirlbybay

Who: Victoria Smith, Designer and Blogger at S.F. Girl By Bay

Stats: 3,193 Pins and 76 Boards

Followers: 464,682

Why We Love Her Pins:
Blogger Victoria Smith, a.k.a S.F. Girl By Bay, has 76 Boards of everything under the sun — faces, places, spaces, and 42 pins dedicated to all things dogs. We scour her page for the best-of-the-best in modern design snaps.

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Username: Kphilipk

Who: Kristen Philipkoski, Contributing Science Editor at Gizmodo, Blogger at Stylenik

Stats: 1,168 Pins and 43 Boards

Followers: 420

Why We Love Her Pins:
If there's one Pinterest you need to follow strictly for fashion, it's Kristen's. A talented tastemaker and blogger, she has the eye and passion for pinning ideas and photographs that go beyond what you already see in her blog.

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