Five Forgotten (Style) Stars Of The Silver Screen

Every once in a while Hollywood produces something a little unconventional and unique — and we’re not talking Oscar noms here. Academy Schmacademy. It takes more than just a star or two for a film to go beyond entertainment and resonate and inspire the multi-faceted individual in us all. From their hobbies to their outfits (okay, especially their outfits), those extra-special stars of the screen can inspire us to experiment outside of our daily look. While trends are important (and fun!) ways to play with fashion, the truly cool personalities are the ones that add their own curveball style into the mix.
Casting iconic characters — the Perfect One, the Bad Girl, the Nerd, etc. — on the silver screen rarely really changes, but we think these variations on the (somewhat) usual cast of characters do some pretty amazing things with their provided uniform. Read on for our five faves from films past for a little extra styling...and a lil' something to add to your Netflix queue.
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The Bad Girl — Vanessa Lutz from Freeway (1996)

This modern-day Little Red Riding Hood showcases some great looks straight from the wrong side of the tracks, not to mention that black eyeliner. Reese Witherspoon as Vanessa Lutz must be dressed for anywhere the day might take her; from her grandmother's house, to prison, to pretending to be a prostitute. While Vanessa may not be the greatest role model ever to grace the silver screen, a little hint of badass never hurt a well-rounded wardrobe.

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The Nerd — Aldys from Never Been Kissed (1999)

It’s a tried-and-true formula for any Hollywood teen movie: Take a gorgeous actress, add some dorky clothes (you know, big glasses and a rolling backpack), and voilà, you have your typical 17-year-old nerd. While this may have been a valiant effort at the time, right now we’d kill for Aldys’ floral blazers, knotted headbands, and silver thumb rings (not to mention that natural beauty).

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The Crazy-Beautiful Love Interest —Coquelicot from Le Roi de Coeur (1966)

Le Roi de Coeur’s (The King of Hearts) Coquielicot — the babe-iest of insane asylum babes (sorry Girl Interrupted) — is as sweet and lovely as the tutus she sports. Coquielicot, played by Genevieve Bujold, was the oddball beauty (and love interest of the king himself) who taught us all about “the outside world” and how to rock the circus ballerina costume on and off the stage.

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The Perfect One — Eve from Life Size (2000)

As we’re reminded throughout the film (no, really, remember the songs?): Eve’s great. Lindsey Lohan’s weird African voodoo magic spell-gone-awry results in her Eve doll coming to colorblocking, accessorizing, theme-song-singing life. The stunning Eve, played by none other than Tyra Banks, showed us more than how to practice posing in the mirror — she taught us that no one is perfect and that being human is actually really hard.

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The Mom — Pat Kramer from The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981)

Generally seen as a failed attempt at a statement about the "shrinking" of a woman's role in society, this film is largely overlooked for all the really great things it has to offer. As Pat shrinks in stature, her clothing becomes brighter and her shoes become taller via stacked rainbow soles. It's a valuable sartorial lesson because, really, don't we all deserve a little more attention sometimes?

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