11 Dresses We Wish We Had For Prom (Or Now!)

When we think of prom, all those nerve-racking high school butterflies come rushing back…mainly because we're recalling our cringe-worthy outfits, our snooze-worthy shoes, sticking our dates with corsages, and (okay, maybe not) getting "food poisoning" the day after. But, we want to replace those memories with fresh ones for the bright-eyed among us who might still be looking ahead to prom. And for the rest of us, a new party dress never hurt anyone. Sure, getting dolled up for a big night out can always mean staying sassy and youthful, but no one says the end result has to be froufrou, glitzed up, and crazy-trendy in a way that'll embarass you next season. Instead, we're giving you 11 dresses that'll last a lifetime — just like the memories (awww).
Get the scoop on 11 super-chic dresses perfect for prom — or any spring party, really.

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