Paul Manafort's Closet May Have Cost Millions, But These Tweets Are Priceless

Photo: Zach Gibson/Bloomberg via Getty Images.
Some stories just write themselves, don't they? There's nothing less amusing than the current state of affairs, of course, but the Paul Manafort trial is shaping up to be quite the comedy hour. And we're not talking alternative facts. It turns out that Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman who is facing a cool 18 charges of tax and bank fraud, is also a fashion victim.
The second day of special counsel prosecutor Robert Mueller's trial revealed that, in the past five years, Manafort spent an estimated $1.26 million on suits alone — including, but not limited to, a $15k jacket made of ostrich leather (which is apparently "pretty cheap"), as well as an $18.5k python one, a $21k watch, and so much more. Two luxury menswear retailers testified in court on Wednesday about Manafort's lavish spending habit — including the crucial tidbit that Manafort was the store's only customer to pay using wire transfers from foreign accounts — and, naturally, Twitter seized the opportunity to roast him.
For the most part, it seems Twitter has set aside the allegations that Manafort's $60 million tax evasion was used to fund his shopping habits, and has moved on to what we're all really thinking: the conclusion that, what makes the situation even worse is what the clothes look like. No word yet on if these clothes were actually his, but from one fashion crime to the next, Manafort's eye for style is...lopsided. Picture a wardrobe so misguided that not a single piece seems like it was actually made to be worn — even for someone who, by reputation and association, should have zero taste.
But hey, that's us putting it mildly compared to what the rest of the Internet has to say. Because, after all, style is subjective. In the slideshow ahead, we'll let Twitter's unofficial fashion police task force take it from here. We guess money really can't buy you class. Why? Two words: cashmere jeans.

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