Here's How Bachelor Winter Games Ended Up

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No one knew that The Bachelor Winter Games would be fun. The Bachelor is increasingly tepid, and with last summer's Bachelor In Paradise fiasco, the franchise was looking wobbly. But then came BWG, BIP's offbeat, wintry cousin. The winter sports part was weird, but the dating-on-TV stuff wasn't. The show actually produced a few believable couples — four believable couples, actually. It also shone a light on a secret villain and possibly gave us our next Bachelor. Oh, and, for some reason, Nancy Kerrigan was there. Listen, it's no Canadian ice-fucking, but the Bachelor Winter Games made surprisingly engaging television, even though it took over two of my weeknights these past two weeks. (Make that two hours of my weeknights. My kingdom for shorter Bachelor episodes, please.)
That being said, much of the action took place in the finale. One couple got engaged, two couples fell apart, and Chris Harrison gave his usual performance of "half-asleep host." For the sake of closure, let's run down how everyone fared in the very silly and surprisingly entertaining finale of The Bachelor Winter Games.
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Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Luke Pell & Stassi Yaramchuck: Split

Oh, wow. Luke Pell, a finalist on Jojo's season of The Bachelorette, proved to be a contemptible bastard in the BWG finale. The show sold his relationship with Yaramchuck, a Belarus-born contestant who appeared on The Bachelor in Sweden, as a heartfelt connection. They bonded over their heart defects — Pell cried! — and Yaramchuck, who clammed up in front of the cameras, started to defrost. On the BWG after show, the real truth emerged: Pell was never in this for Yaramchuck. Pell was always in this for Pell, and possibly for his music career. (He's a country musician.) When Harrison announced that Pell would reunite with Yaramchuck on the show, she said sourly, "What a wonderful day."

Yaramchuck claimed that she never heard from Pell post-show, despite the fact that they left the show as a couple. When they reunited on the couch, Pell seemed undeterred. He claimed he'd reached out over Instagram. Ha.

"That was about as bad as I've seen anybody defend themselves, ever," Ben Higgins said into a (very) hot mic after their segment concluded. Pell, ye shall never be Bachelor.
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Bibiana Julian & Jordan Maeger: Split

Despite seeming like a strong couple, Julian ended things with Maeger during the games, and only briefly discussed their breakup on the after show.

"He was on chapter 10 of our book, and I was just reading the title," Julian told the crowd.
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Yuki Kimura

Yuki, the season's only contestant from Japan, didn't fall in love, but she did find a "best friend" in Ben Higgins. Meanwhile, Ben Higgins is America's best friend again, which looks good for his Bachelor chances.
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Kevin Wendt & Ashley Iaconetti: Still together

Ashley Iaconetti, future Chris Harrison, won the Winter Games with her Canadian beau, Kevin Wendt. Yes, they spent the night together in Vermont, but no, that doesn't mean Iaconetti needs to keep talking about her "v-card."
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Courtney Dober & Lily McManus: Still together

After the show, McManus and Dober drove across the country in an RV. It was adorable. They spent Christmas together. They've recently moved to Los Angeles, and they are still drinking beer out of shoes.
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Dean Unglert & Lesley Murphy: Still together

Did they get engaged? No. Did ABC fake us out by having Unglert get down on one knee? Yes. Unglert gave Murphy, a travel blogger, a key to his house. As per his Instagram, Unglert and Murphy are currently in Honduras.
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Benoit Beausejour-Savard & Clare Crawley: Engaged!

The biggest surprise of Winter Games is that Clare Crawley, the contestant best known for talking to raccoons in Paradise, got engaged! Moreover, she got engaged to a Canadian Bachelorette contestant who didn't even seem like an option. Beausejour-Savard left the show on the first episode after Crawley rejected him. After the show wrapped, Beausejour-Savard and Crawley started chatting again, and, on the after show, our romantic, bespectacled Canadian proposed.
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