The Best Gifts For The Political Junkies In Your Life

Photo Courtesy of Kate Gabrielle.
We all have those loved ones who, no matter where they sit on the political spectrum, are hardcore when it comes to politics. They talk about it over dinner, post about it on social media, and will drive you crazy when they're praising their faves or condemning people in power whom they don't like.
So, this holiday season, we've prepared a guide of gifts for the political junkies in your life. Are they members of the #Resistance? Do they support Donald Trump? Have they already selected their 2020 presidential candidate? No worries, we have a little bit of everything for everyone.
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Photo Courtesy of Kate Gabrielle.
That friend who loves talking about the history of women's rights will love this cute pin.

Kate Gabrielle "Votes for Women" Enamel Lapel Pin, $10, available at Kate Gabrielle.
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Photo Courtesy of SmarterImpact.
The Michelle Obama fan who can't stop quoting that DNC speech will lose it when you give them this beautiful poster.

SmarterImpact "When They Go Low, We Go High" Poster, $25, available at Etsy.
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Photo Courtesy of Mugmaroo.
You can make the mornings better for your loved one who is obsessed with Rep. Maxine Waters.

Mugmaroo "Reclaiming My Time" Mug, $12.99, available at Etsy.
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What's better than having the Constitution and Declaration of Independence on your bookshelf? "Having a collectible edition on your bookshelf," the history buff in your life would probably answer.

Barnes & Noble The Constitution of the United States of America with the Declaration of Independence, $7.98, available at Barnes & Noble.
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Photo Courtesy of The New Yorker.
The perfect gift for the friend who can't stop sharing The New Yorker's comics on social media is an IRL print.

The New Yorker "Famous Presidential Hand Gestures" Art Print, $84.50, available at Condé Nast.
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Photo Courtesy of Simon & Schuster.
The Hillary Clinton devotee needs her latest memoir.

Simon & Schuster What Happened, $30, available at Simon & Schuster.
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Photo Courtesy of MAGA Trump Supporters Political Collection.
The Trump supporter in your life is likely already an owner of a "Make America Great Again" hat, so get them this T-shirt to complete their outfit.

MAGA Trump Supporters Political Collection GOP Elephant Support President Donald Trump T-Shirt, $18.99, available at Amazon.
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Photo Courtesy of Barnes & Noble.
That President Obama superfan who can't stop liking former White House photographer Pete Souza's Instagram posts needs this book on their coffee table.

Barnes & Noble Obama: An Intimate Portrait, $39.99, available at Barnes & Noble.
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Photo Courtesy of: Design2017.
This T-shirt is a great way to inspire the women in your life.

Design2017 "Nevertheless, She Persisted" Long Sleeve Tee, $25.99, available at TeeSpring.
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Photo Courtesy of Lily Pulitzer.
Okay, this beautiful elephant cuff is not exactly the same as the symbol of the Republican Party, but the stylish conservative you love is unlikely to protest.

Lilly Pulitzer Tusk Tusk Elephant Cuff Bracelet, $68, available at Lilly Pulitzer.
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Photo Courtesy of Harper Collins Publishers.
That media-obsessed political junkie will devour Katy Tur's book on the 2016 presidential election.

Harper Collins Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History, $18.99, available at Harper Collins.
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Photo Courtesy of One.Nine.
You know what Ruth Bader Ginsburg fans need in their life? More RBG merch.

One.Nine. "I Dissent" RBG Supreme Tee, $42, available at Bulletin.
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Photo Courtesy of BurntThreadz.
There may be 1,071 days left until the next presidential election, but you know the hardcore Bernie Sanders supporter in your life is already on the Bernie 2020 train.

BurntThreadz Bernie Sanders 2020 Sweatshirt, $20, available at Etsy.
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If your Republican friend is also a history buff, they'll likely love this mug.

Republican Coffee Mug, $13.95, available at Architect Gift Plus.
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