Macklemore Took His Daddy Duties To The Next Level

Knowing there are famous best friends out there is a fun fact for fans from afar — especially if the stars' children are buddies, too. The latest example of this comes from Ciara's Twitter, in which she shows her son Future Jr. on a playdate with rapper Macklemore and his daughter Sloane. But that's not what has the internet swooning.
Besides the sweet group selfie the foursome took while hanging out at the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Atlanta Falcons game on Monday, Ciara gave us an even closer look into what it's like to hang out with the "Glorious" rapper and his 2-year-old. Naturally, the pair is adorable. Ciara caught a sweet moment in between plays calling out Macklemore on his fatherly duties while styling Sloane's hair, "This is the real deal right here. Daddy duties," she narrated from behind the camera. "Look at that! The top knot is amazing!"

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After Macklemore finished, he managed to give a quick rundown of the look. "I got one move, the top knot. That's it," he joked. "I'm working on braiding. That's next." Though it's not the only daddy-daughter hair moment out there (case in point: this Instagram post, this YouTube video, and anything related to Chance the Rapper's gentle hair tips), that doesn't mean people across the internet didn't absolutely eat it up. And let's be real: Could you blame them?
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