We've Been Using Glad Containers Wrong Our Whole Lives

Salads are a nice, reliable option for packed lunches. They’re fairly easy to throw together, healthy, and usually do a decent job at filling us up. However, salads do have one major drawback when packed up and taken to go: what in the world to do with the dressing?
If you’re not going to eat the salad for several hours, you don’t want to dress it, lest it turns into a soggy mess. Packing the dressing separately is an option, of course, but that means another item to haul to the office — and the small, separate container is the one we are most likely to forget. What's a dressing lover to do? The internet, as usual, has shown us the way.
A Twitter user discovered that those circles on Glad container lids serve an extremely useful purpose: They double as lids for smaller Glad containers. We don't know about you, but we never knew this lid within a lid existed, and by the looks of it, a whole bunch of people on the Twitter didn't know either.
According to HelloGiggles, the Glad lid mania all started when a user known online as Mama Graciee posted a few photos of her meal prep process for the week, and one of those photos showed that she had popped a small container of dip into the circle on her Glad container's lid. We're guessing Mama Graciee was not expecting what happened next.
The tweet quickly garnered an onslaught of comments all about how life-changing this GladWare lid hack was. By now, the tweet has received over 2,000 retweets and has been liked around 14,000 times.
Along with all these Twitter users, Mama Graciee and Glad have just changed our lunch salad game forever. The funny thing is, if we had ever popped over to Glad's official website we would have figured this out a long time ago. Oh well. Better late than never, right?
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