The American Horror Story: Cult Opening Credits May Reveal Dark Clues

Photo: Courtesy of FX
As if American Horror Story: Cult wasn't creepy enough, now the opening credits may suggest sinister things about the fate of the show's many characters.
If you tuned into the season 7 premiere episode of the FX anthology, you now know a few things: The clowns are here to kill everyone, the election messed everyone up royally, and Ally (Sarah Paulson) can't stop, won't stop screaming. (Ally's reaction is pretty acceptable, honestly, considering she's living in a world where a former reality star is President and murderous clowns fornicate in the produce section of her grocery store.)
However, if you were paying really close attention to the show's opening credits, you may have picked up on some potential clues for what's to come. According to Redditor Kyroko, it's possible that the physical text of the actor's names holds some hints as to what their fates might be.
The significance isn't merely a shot in the dark: As Kyroko brings up in the post, Lily Rabe's name in season 3's Coven turned to dust, just like her character, Misty Day, did that season.
"So I rewatched the Cult intro just now and noticed the actors' names were...messed up in certain ways. Sarah Paulson - splattered with blood. Evan Peters - nothing I see really, except the tear gas canister bounces in front of part of his name. Cheyenne Jackson - gas from the tear gas canister covers part of his name. Billie Lourd - part of her name gets chopped by the knives. Allison Pill - her name crumbles/partially disintegrates," wrote the Redditor.
Fans of the series already have ideas for how what happens to the actors' names could connect with the events of the show — and it's already making them really suspicious of certain characters.
"I believe Evan and Cheyenne's names go together actually: The gas going off at Cheyenne's name symbolizes Dr. Rudy hypothetically gaslighting Ally and the canister dropping at Evan's name symbolizes Kai pulling Dr. Rudy's strings behind the scenes," wrote Redditor CzarOfTorture. it possible that Jackson's character is just another one of American Horror Story's not-so-good doctors?
One person already saw a connection between Lourd's Winter and the actress' name in the credits.
"Something tells me that she'll survive the season, and the knife is referring to her self-cutting disorder," commented Rockified.
This isn't the first crazy theory that fans have come up with following the season 7 premiere. Many fans are convinced that Pill's Ivy is a member of the clown cult, and that she's manipulating the fragile Ally.
Keep your eyes open, fans, because anything can happen on this show.

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