You Can Now Use Emoji To Book Your Travel Plans (Praise Hands)

Photo: Getty Images.
In the future, we predict we'll be able to do everything with emojis, which have basically become a new language as far as we're concerned. With 56 new ones rolling out this year in addition to the currently available 1,851, it's becoming easier and easier to express yourself in Unicode.
A few companies are dipping their toes into the emoticon water by replacing familiar search queries with the mini pictures.
Kayak, for example, has recently started letting users type emojis into its search bar to book flights and hotels. The travel company has rolled out 10 basic initial options, like the Statue of Liberty for New York City, a shamrock for Dublin, and a maple leaf for Toronto. Just put it in the search bar — no typing required.
But there's so much further to go when making travel-booking emoji-friendly. For example, isn't it only logical for country flags to call up destinations in that country? And when you punch in the "palm tree," wouldn't it be useful if the search engine suggested tropical destinations you can fly to on the cheap?
We're not there yet, but at least Kayak is taking some initial steps. The company has decided to put its next 15 city emojis into your hands with a poll. Which city should get beer, baseball, coffee, pizza, the high heel...? We know people are going to have some strong opinions about those. P.S. One special city will get the poop emoji — maybe even yours.

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