Cinnamon Toast Crunch's Roadside Drive-Thru Is The Antidote To Boring Road Trips

Photo: Courtesy of General Mills.
Cross-country road trips may include stops at the world's tallest thermometer or the biggest ball of yarn, but General Mills gave road warriors a more nostalgic reason to stop. Over the weekend, the cereal megabrand opened up a Cinnamon Toast Crunch drive-thru at the Grand Canyon's South Rim, offering up a sweet roadside attraction for families to stop at.
During a two-day celebration of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, General Mills constructed a huge box of cereal and an accompanying super-sized milk carton, staying in the vein of the roadside sights of yesteryear. When visitors stopped by the drive-thru, they got the chance to try out Cinnamon Toast Crunch recipes concocted by celeb chef Jeff Mauro. The menu included cereal-crusted fried PB&J sandwiches; road mix, which takes inspiration from another cereal-based snack; and Cinnamon French Toast Crunch, which stuffs the classic breakfast go-to with the crunchy cereal.
"General Mills is always working on bringing cereal lovers fun, new ways to enjoy their cereal," said Greta Hanson, marketing communication manager at General Mills, said in a statement. "Cinnamon Toast Crunch is fueling the fun that is family road trips by highlighting the ways that crazy, fun families break the monotony of long trips."
To celebrate family fun, the drive-thru gave families a chance to get a free bowl of cereal by performing a "crazy fun challenge," like dance in a party bus or perform a tune on the harmonica.
While the cereal drive-thru was temporary, it could pop up again sometime this summer. With school out and families hitting the open road, it's the perfect time for Cinnamon Toast Crunch to play on the nostalgia of childhood breakfasts and introduce the cinnamony-sweet concoction to a whole new generation of foodies-in-training.
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