Conan O’Brien Launched An App To Help Find The Right Protest For You

Are you having trouble keeping up with all the political marches and protests near you? Thanks to Conan O'Brien, there's an app for that. The comedian and talk show host launched MarchFindr yesterday and it's the perfect app for a country where "protests are the new brunch" and "things are so bad even introverts are out."
O'Brien was especially inspired by last weekend's March For Truth, in which thousands of protestors across the nation took to the streets to demand an independent investigation of the Trump campaign's ties to the Russian government.
"Since President Trump took office, it seems like there's a new march or protest happening every single day," O'Brien said.
That may sound like an exaggeration, but his estimate is fairly accurate. Although the Women's March, The Earth Day March, A Day Without Immigrants, and A Day Without Women are among the most high-profile protests, smaller demonstrations and protests have occurred multiple times a week across the country and the world in the months since Trump was elected.
No matter how woke we are, let's be honest: It can get a little difficult to keep track of the demonstrations in our home cities or hometowns. That's where MarchFindr comes in.
The app is user-friendly and straightforward. Simply enter your location and then select the issues that are most important to you. MarchFindr will give you the scoop on the protests and marches happening near you and connect you with other users in your neck of the woods.
So if your friends are busy or protesting isn't their jam, MarchFindr is a great way to find people to march with. And who knows? You may make some new friends in the process. After all, nothing unites us more than the shared goal of saving America.

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