Turn Yourself Into A Human Hot Pocket With This Sleeping Bag

Photo: Courtesy of ThinkGeek.com
Even if you haven’t had a Hot Pocket in years, you probably still remember how truly HOT those compact microwavable meals get. We certainly still think of Hot Pockets as a special kind of amazing simply because they go from being completely frozen solid block of crust and cheese and meat filling to too hot to eat in just two minutes. So it really makes perfect sense that someone would make a Hot Pocket sleeping bag. The Daily Dot just introduced us to the pocket that will take our freezing buns and turn them toasty.
ThinkGeek, a website know for quirky and fun gifts, designed a Hot Pocket sleeping bag to keep us warm while camping in extreme situations or just chilling out on our couches — perhaps while eating a Hot Pocket. According to the product description, the sleeping bag is equipped with a custom MicroWaav insulation system, created by ThinkGeek. This special system actually does what a Hot Pocket never could. In this bag, your extremities will stay warm without overheating your core. That sounds pretty good since we've never gotten out of a regular sleeping bag without being drenched in sweat.
While we won't get as piping hot as a Hot Pocket, the sleeping bag does mimic the look of the meal in several different ways. The red inside is designed to look like the tasty marinara packed inside the frozen Hot Pocket Pizza Pocket. Plus, the outside of the bag even features the crisping sleeve the hot dish is cooked in, which gives an extra layer of warmth.
The Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag costs $79.99 on the ThinkGeek site. The price is pretty comparable to other nice sleeping bags, although this one will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. We can now have something we never knew we wanted: the ability to get cozy anywhere while looking like a human Hot Pocket.

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