Gigi Hadid's Secret To Making Her Runway Walk Look Easy

At 21, Gigi Hadid has walked in the world's biggest fashion shows for designers like Tommy Hilfiger, graced the cover of Vogue, and gained more Twitter followers in 2016 than anyone else in fashion. How has she done it all? She explains in a new Reebok ad that it's all about getting yourself into the right mindset.

"Before I walk, I'm usually just trying to think of what the designer wants from me in the show, whether that's an energy or getting into the music or calming myself down with breathing," she says. "Just focusing on what my job is that day."

She then shares some career advice that could inspire people in all different fields: "You have to go to work ready to block out everything that's outside of your work be able to change a channel in your mind and to be able to separate your thoughts and just focus on what you're doing at the moment."

She also speaks out against the stereotype of models as superficial. "Because my job is based on the way I look, people assume that that means you don't have human qualities to you, so I hope that everyone can kind of see that's the point of all this," she concludes. "It doesn't matter. We're not perfect."

Hear the whole pep talk in the video below.

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