Gordon Ramsay Calls This Guy's Dish "A Dog's Dinner" & We Can Barely Stomach It

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We've seen him tear down amateur cooks on MasterChef and we've seen his comparatively gentle side on MasterChef Junior, but we've never seen Gordon Ramsay like this.

In a video for Bon Appétit, the celeb chef is tasked with instructing a home cook one-on-one. Sounds simple enough, right? The kicker here is that Ramsay and the amateur cook are placed back to back, so neither can see what the other is doing (or not doing). Oh, and it's all done in 15 minutes.

If you're already set to watch the whole ordeal through your fingers, we don't blame you. For the experiment, Ramsay and his volunteer, Shane, are tasked with making crab cakes. It's hard not to grimace when you see Ramsay's perfect execution and Shane's attempt at the same. While you may feel sorry for the poor bloke, you'll be laughing, too. (Plus, you'll learn a killer crab cake recipe in the process.)

"On a scale of 10, how bad are you?" Gordon asked. "Pretty bad. I'd say I'm a two," Shane said.

Watch as Ramsay basically goes through the process at warp speed and poor Shane struggles with knife skills, the Metric system, identifying things like tarragon, and Ramsay's barbs. It's all in good fun, however, because even though he exclaims, "Holy fuck," when Shane reveals his final dish and adds that "it looks like a dog's dinner" for good measure, he does take a taste.

At the end, Shane says that after that harrowing experience, he's going to try cooking after all, thanks to Ramsay's encouragement. Bon appétit to that.

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