This Might Be Our Favorite Celebrity Pregnancy Announcement Yet

Photo: Eric Vitale/Getty.
Obviously, Beyoncé is the winner of any birth announcement or maternity shoot contest you can dream up. But another celebrity is coming in at a very close second, and I am feeling all of the things.

Kel Mitchell, one half of the Keenan & Kel duo known to late '80s and early '90s babies around the world, is expecting his first child with wife Asia Lee. The actor, who famously plays the dense fast-food employee Ed in the All That comedy-sketch-turned-movie Good Burger, gave us a blast from the past to announce the news. The couple posed for a picture on Instagram wearing matching Good Burger employee hats. His wife also cradled what appeared to be a bottle of orange soda, a staple of Kel's character on him and Keenan’s eponymous show.

I have so many mixed feelings about this news. As a huge fan of '90s Nickelodeon, it still feels weird to see my childhood favorites all grown up. Kel was the fantasy love of my life during that time so finding out that he’s expecting on Valentine’s Day feels like the lowest of blows. But I’m grateful that he’s transitioning into fatherhood with our memories still intact. I’m happy for them.

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