Trump's Tweets Made This Great Emo Song

Donald Trump campaigned largely on the premise that he would somehow return America to the past. The obvious referent is "Make America Great Again," which promised a return to classic values, like cheap trucker hats and magazine ads that made you actually read. But not only that he spent his campaign dogwhistling or outright saying that he would re-empower the white working class to some imagined position of previous power. Hell, even his pet issues — crime, email security, and being famous in the '90s — were a reference to some earlier time.

He's also perhaps the whiniest world leader. One struggles to imagine Angela Merkel or Xi Jinping complaining publicly because someone wasn't nice to them on SNL. They have other things to worry about, like running the world. Trump, perhaps because of his good brain, is able to perceive even the slightest slights in much the same way that Superman can hear a crime being committed across the city.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that Trump is making emo great again. Mad geniuses at Super Deluxe took Trump's whiniest tweets and set them to emo music. And guess what? It works. Maybe it works a little too well.


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