Will Rihanna Recreate The Psycho Shower Scene?

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Rihanna is on a roll. In addition to starring in the upcoming Ocean's Eight, she's also set to make a highly anticipated cameo on Bates Motel. The singer will play the role of Marion Crane, whom most people will know as the character killed in the iconic shower scene from Psycho. But given that the series is a modern adaption, will that gruesome murder still be a part of her arc?

"All I can tell you is that we pulled Psycho into Bates Motel, not vice-versa," executive producer Kerry Ehrin told Entertainment Weekly. "That was always the goal and the fun of it. You will have to watch and find out!"

Rihanna's appearance on the show came about after a 2015 interview with Vanity Fair when she expressed her love for it. Producers reached out, and the star agreed to a multi-episode role for this season.

"She was incredibly excited about it," Ehrin said. "I needed a security badge to get on my own set. It felt like an event."

Such a special appearance warrants an extra-special role, so the show worked hard to update Psycho to fit a more contemporary audience.

"Let me just preface by saying it’s one of my favorite films," Ehrin says. "But Marion is a woman written in the ’50s by a guy. It was very much our goal to show you what’s going on in her head to give her more complexity. Two different versions of the same story collide in a really explosive way."

We'll have to wait until the series returns on February 20 on A&E to see how.

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