Watch Gigi Hadid Teach Herself How To Make Yorkshire Pudding

We already knew Gigi could kill it in the kitchen. Don't you remember her tomato soup recipe? It's a revelation. But even with our previous successes with Hadid's special recipes, we were surprised to learn that this all-American girl next door could teach herself to make a traditional English dish.

In honor of her recent cover, Gigi teamed up with British Vogue to shoot a cooking video as part of the magazine's new X on X interview series. The video opens with the model dressed in a stark white chef's coat and apron, hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. Gigi tells the camera that she's getting ready to teach a "fair young lady" how to make Yorkshire Pudding. Cutting to a wider shot, the clip shows a dressed-down Gigi on the other side of the kitchen, ready to learn. Then, Chef Gigi begins instructing herself how to make the British dish.

If you've ever wanted to try your hand at making Yorkshire Pudding, definitely listen up to chef Gigi's tips. Her first good one is to not jump the gun by mixing all the ingredients together at once. Instead, you should start by mixing the milk and eggs together first. We can also learn a few things from cooking student version of Hadid. For instance, maybe don't try to crack the eggs with just one hand unless you're sure you can do it without getting shells in your mixture.

While the two Gigi's mix things up in the kitchen, they dish about their favorite restaurants and their biggest kitchen fears. The answers to both might surprise you. Catch the whole cooking process here, then maybe even take a whack at Yorkshire Pudding yourself.

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