Fugitive Cow's High-Speed Cop Chase Ends At Taco Bell

Photo: FLPA/REX/Shutterstock
Animals: They're just like us. They're into online dating. They commit petty shoplifting in their reckless youth. They love bacon. And, apparently, they love tacos.

Much like that one guy who woke up from a coma and demanded Taco Bell, a cow (a steer, technically) recently escaped from a Texas slaughterhouse and knew that Taco Bell was where he needed to be. A thrilling high-speed chase ensued, with police — and, The Star-Telegram reports, cowboys — in hot pursuit. The cops captured it all on their dash-cam, complete with truly amazing chase music.

The cow ran for nearly two hours before he was apprehended, poor thing, near the entrance to his local Taco Bell. Thankfully, neither cow nor cops nor cowboys were injured during the chase, and Pix11 reports that the steer is "recuperating from the stressful run at a local ranch." All's well that ends well — although the cow was set for slaughter, so this may not end well for him.

Or...maybe this escape was just his trial run. Police Sargent Jason Hayes told The Star-Telegram that the steer "ran pretty good," and also that he "ran kind of wild." Do with that information what you will.

Watch the chase that rivals the llamas below. As for whether the cow was planning to order chicken or ground "beef" — that's anybody's guess.


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