Why A Bottle Cap Might Become Your Favorite New Beauty Tool

No matter how precise you are with your eyeshadow, there's always the challenge of keeping the color in the crease from spilling over onto the lid. So, vlogger Juliana Leme came up with an innovative solution: a bottle cap.

In an Instagram video viewed nearly 50,000 times and shared by Bustle, she takes the top off a Coke bottle and balances it on her eye. Then, she carefully applies a medium brown over the crease, removes it, puts a darker brown on the lid, does the rest of her makeup, and takes a sip of Coke to reward herself for a job well done.

The bottle technique not only keeps everything in its place but also provides a round shape for the crease. Combined with cat-eye liner and fake lashes, it creates a dramatic smoky eye.

From this to condom beauty blenders, we always support creative uses of the stuff you've got laying around as an alternative to buying beauty products. But we're also curious if they sell anything for this. Maybe someone can invent one that doesn't fall off your face so easily.

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