Annalise Gets A Very Important Prison Visit From Her Parents On HTGAWM

Photo: ABC/Mitch Haaseth.
We still don't know who set the Keating house on fire in How To Get Away With Murder. But right now, Annalise is still in prison for arson, though it's doubtful she actually did it.

In a sneak peek from this week's episode, Annalise (Viola Davis) gets a visit in jail, and it's not Soraya Hargrove (Lauren Luna Vélez) this time. Annalise's parents visit her, even though she says she doesn't want them to see her behind bars.

The clip is less than a minute long, but it's giving us all the feels — the power of family really can't be underestimated. Even though Annalise and her mom, Ophelia (Cicely Tyson), don't always see eye to eye, she's there when Annalise needs her.

"I've never seen you quite so low, baby," Ophelia tells Annalise. "And who but your family could lift you up out of this mess?"

Ophelia offers to reprimand Nate (Billy Brown) for not helping Annalise out of the current situation. It's safe to infer she doesn't know most (or any) of the details about Annalise and Nate's breakup — and his potential involvement with Wes' death — but it's a sweet offer nonetheless.

The real shocker, though, comes when Ophelia offers to tell the cops she started the fire. "All I have to do is to tell the police the truth: You didn't burn down the house, I did," she says to Annalise. It's almost impossible that's actually true, but it's moving how much she cares about her daughter and wants to help her gain back her freedom. Check out the tear-jerking clip below.


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