This Fan Version Of The Stranger Things Intro Is AMAZING

Photo: Curtis Baker/Netflix.
As soon as the strips of red move in from the corner of the television screen and that tinkling music begins, fans instinctively know to buckle up for suspense, intrigue, and tons of Eggo Waffles because Stranger Things is about to begin. Unfortunately, we're all going to have to wait until Halloween for more of all the great elements this show has to offer. Thankfully, though, in the meantime, there are plenty of fan videos to hold us over.

One fan decided to put a tasty twist on Stranger Things' iconic intro, and they did it by using a very important element. That is, of course, Eleven's Eggo Waffles. A YouTuber known as studiorbit posted their Eggo-centric version of the show's opener. Under it, they wrote that it was "Created using actual Eggo Waffles and a lot of free time." Listen, we've all had a lot of free time since finishing the first season of Stranger Things last summer. At least this YouTuber is putting their time to good use. Take a look.

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