All These Celebs Are Missing Money

Remember when we found almost $100,000.00 in under 10 minutes? In case you missed this marvel of modern money management: There is an actual, legit website where you can type in your name and find out if the government — or your employer, or another business, or your insurance company — owes you money. No strings attached. Really — the site is endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), and it's the country's database for unclaimed funds.

From adjusted bills to forgotten paychecks to puzzling refunds, these unclaimed funds add up: As we've mentioned, the U.S. is currently home to about 32 billion dollars that are just waiting around for their rightful owners. When R29 staffers plugged in our own names, the sources of our missing money ranged from closed bank accounts to abandoned first-job paychecks to a serious family inheritance.

But what about the Hollywood (and NYC, and Washington) elite? Surely celebrities have accountants who are expert — and expensive — enough not to leave unclaimed hundreds lying around? Apparently not. From Kim and Kanye to the Obamas, we did a deep dive into the unclaimed funds of the rich and famous — and came up with a combined total of $14,035.46 between 16 celebrities. Not too shabby — but also, probably chump change for most of these folks. (Especially for a certain billionaire who's currently "running" this country.)

Ahead, find out how much money these celebs are ignoring — and some of the strange places where that money is currently living in limbo. You may be surprised by the amounts, but you'll likely be more surprised by some of these celebs' real names.
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Kim Kardashian: $236.29

Apparently the one and only Kimberly Kardashian West is missing out on a couple hundred — much of which is waiting for her at a Bank of America in Malibu. We're guessing she hasn't noticed.
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Kanye West: $1,556.53

Meanwhile, her husband Kanye Omari West (aren't middle names fun?) apparently has money scattered all across southern California. He has unclaimed wages waiting for him in Sherman Oaks, an Allstate refund in Beverly Hills, and a mysterious $38.71 owed to him by a Hollywood Foot Locker. Does this have to do with those free Yeezys you gave the paparazzi, Kanye?
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Chrissy Teigen: $1,413.45

Most of the great Christine Teigen's missing funds are from salary payments that she's somehow forgotten about. According to the database, these dollars are now living the lonely life of lost money in "West Hollywood, CA." But whatever, Teigen's too busy being awesome — and super chill about nip slips and fender benders alike — to care.
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Jessica Biel: $1,266.82

Since the actress legally known as Jessica Claire Timberlake (who knew she changed her name?) is apparently not making any money in the restaurant business, she may actually want to snap up this unclaimed $1.2K. Missing Money shows that Biel is owed various wages as well as a truly mysterious Facebook payment from a dude named Chris. Anything you'd like to tell us, Jess?
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Melissa McCarthy: $1,023.87

When Melissa Ann McCarthy isn't absolutely killing it at Sean Spicer impressions and life in general, she's casually ignoring car dealership refunds. I mean, when you're this fabulous, who's got the time for Toyota?
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Photo: Andrew Toth/FilmMagic.
Missy Elliot: $831.26

Our other favorite creative genius named Melissa, Melissa Arnette Elliot, is apparently owed money from the most boring businesses of all time: the bank, the electric company, and Walmart. What, no unclaimed funds from the dentist or the DMV, Missy?

I guess it makes sense. Can you imagine "Misdemeanor" Elliot just casually waltzing into Walmart rocking some holographic lips and a light-up welder's mask? Like "Hey, Walmart, where's my refund?" No. No you cannot.
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Mindy Kaling: $326.53

Vera Mindy Chokalingam is only ignoring one unclaimed sum, and it's all from NBC Universal. We're dying to know if it's for the new sitcom.
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Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
Mark Ruffalo: $151.49

Official Leading Scruffy-Sexy Woke Bae Mark Alan Ruffalo (Alan!) has some scattered sums that include payments from a broadcast music company. All we can hope is that this means Begin Again is becoming Ruffalo's real life.
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Photo: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images.
Gabourey Sidibe: $797.74

The talented actress, model, and Refinery29 Shatterbox Anthology director also has wages waiting for her at NBC, according to Missing Money. Our in-depth Google sleuthing leads us to suspect her stellar SNL appearances. In fact, I really, really hope all $797.74 is for Sidibe's stoic genius in "Alarm Clocks & More" alongside Tina Tina Chanuse — I mean Jenny Slate.
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Selena Gomez: $258.30

Little Selena Marie Gomez is all grown up and working on some pretty serious projects, which may explain why she never found the time to claim that refund/gift card/mysterious payment from Tiffany & Co. in Santa Monica. Just send it on over to us, okay Selena?
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Kristen Stewart: $761.91

Another SNL great, Kristen Jaymes Stewart, is apparently owed some salary pay from Disney. Do you think it's from Catch That Kid or her uncredited role in The Thirteenth Year? Not that I've seen every movie, TV appearance, and music video she's ever done or anything...
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Photo: Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock.
Lucy Liu: $1,449.79

Lucy Alexis Liu is owed a chunk of money from quite a few companies, including eBay (shopping for vintage toddler clothes, Lucy?) and that pesky old Bank of America in Hollywood. What, with all those unclaimed funds from Lucy and Kim K., it seems like Bank of America should consider streamlining some processes.
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Photo: PIERRE VILLARD/SIPA/REX/Shutterstock.
Ben Affleck: $107.00

I'm just going to throw an IMDB link in here in case you don't believe me: Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt (What. What?) is missing the least amount of money of the celebs on this list. Maybe he claimed the rest of his funds in November to make himself feel better.
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Katy Perry: $133.01

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, our favorite celebrity who slept through the inauguration (bless her), isn't missing a ton of money. But what she is missing is a refund from Temecula, CA. Which leads us to believe that Perry, like so many of us, had a little too much fun in wine country and ended up over-paying some kind vineyard employee.
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President Barack Obama: $450.00

Turns out, our once and former champion President Barack Hussein Obama is the proud owner of an unredeemed gift certificate to Tiffany's. If only we, like an impetuous ex, could buy him jewelry and win him back.

For the record, Michelle Obama is missing $212.00. But the Obamas have better things to do these days than trying to reclaim lost democracy — I mean, funds.
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Donald John Trump: $3,059.47

And finally, The Donald. Our current president has the most unclaimed funds of these 16 celebrities, and he will probably never even notice. What's $3K to a multi-billionaire, after all? Especially when he's surrounded by other rich white guys all day. It's not like $3K is one fourth the annual salary of an American individual living in poverty or anything (it is).

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