Teen Writes Heartfelt Petition To Get His Favorite Food Back

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We have all been careless with the things we love most in this world. Of course, this kind of recklessness often ends with hurt and of regret. A 14-year-old in Australia recently found this out the hard way when he foolishly made a bet with his cricket teammates.

According to Mashable, Ryan Kennedy bet that he could score over 50 runs at a recent cricket match and told his fellow players that if he didn't, he would give up his favorite food, meat pies, for the rest of his life. If you've ever felt strongly about a dish, you're shaking your fists in the air right now and yelling, "Why Ryan? Why!?" It's just not worth the risk, and Kennedy realized this when he lost the bet.

Luckily, Kennedy's friends gave him chance to redeem himself and get his precious meat pies back. They stipulated that if he were to get 250 signatures on a Change.org petition, he would once again be allowed to eat the iconic Australian dish. So, Ryan put together a sincere plea for help on the website. He wrote, "My name is Ryan Kennedy and I made a major mistake in my life. Words can't explain how disappointed I am with myself for doing it. This was when I made a bet that put my greatest love in life at risk."

It turns out, the teenager's heartfelt words really resonated with people. The petition was posted just two days ago, and he has already gotten 606 signatures, well over his goal. Plenty of people — especially fellow Aussies — voiced their support for Ryan in the comment section of the site. Take a look.
So, despite his major lapse in judgment, this story ends well for young Ryan Kennedy. Hopefully, he'll never put his one true food love on the line again.

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