This Game Lets You Punch Nazis To Your Heart's Content

Perhaps the most surprising development of 2017 is that it's now controversial to punch Nazis. If you'll recall, there was a fairly major World War that centered around blowing up Nazis. Hell, committing violence against Nazis has traditionally been one of the more patriotic things one can do.

And yet, as nothing makes sense anymore, some will argue that we should, like, not punch Nazis. Super Deluxe, always a hotbed of creative thought, has struck a blow in favor of striking Nazis with their latest game. The program involves using both your cell phone and computer to punch both alt-right founder Richard Spencer and racist troll Milo Yiannopoulos. The game works by using your cell phone's ability to track movement and you punching with your phone triggers the virtual fist to strike its virtual target. Crude but effective. We haven't seen many other games that use your phone as a controller for a second screen, so we applaud the innovation.

"Punch a Nazi" will let you reenact that famous Richard Spencer punch until your arm is tired. Of punching Nazis. We don't condone violence of any kind, to be clear. So if you for some reason feel you want to strike Nazis, just know that we're tut-tutting things of that nature.

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