Stars Of Grey's Anatomy Made An Adorkable Homage To Beyoncé's Pregnancy Announcement

Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement on Wednesday spawned a million memes. It was great news delivered in an iconic manner that just invited imitation. It proved an irresistible inspiration for a few other icons over on the set of Grey's Anatomy, who took up the challenge yesterday.

"This is amazing. You are pregnant at the same time as Beyonce. When is that ever going to happen again, Camilla?" Ellen Pompeo asks her Grey's co-star Camilla Luddington in a hilarious Instagram video Pompeo posted on Friday. It's hard to decide who looks sillier, Pompeo in her "director" costume of a black beanie, glasses, black jacket and ripped jeans, or Luddington in a bra and maternity panties in front of a giant floral arrangement.

"I just feel a little bit weird," says Luddington, who is pregnant with her first child. "Don't you think you're taking this directing thing too far?"

It's not Pompeo who directed this dorky, cute short, but the great Debbie Allen, who also happens to be a Grey's Anatomy director, producer, and actor. We can only hope that this Beyoncé shoot wasn't just a spoof made for Instagram but a bizarre dream sequence inspired by someone's temporary coma on the show. Stranger things have happened!

Arguing over whether this is really necessary..... @ellenpompeo

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