Kevin Placates His Ex With Cheese Fries On This Is Us

This article contains spoilers about last week's episode of This Is Us.

Last week, This Is Us dropped the bombshell that Kevin (Justin Hartley) was once married — and to Kate's (Chrissy Metz) childhood best friend, no less.

We learned that the couple divorced 12 years ago, which means they were married fairly young. And while we don't know exactly what drove them apart, it looks like there's still some serious tension between Kevin and Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge).

Kevin showed up unannounced at Sophie's door, determined to make a grand romantic gesture at Toby's (Chris Sullivan) suggestion. She didn't seem very moved, but she did agree to meet Kevin to "talk." Now, we have a preview of their conversation, which will take place in next week's episode.

When Sophie meets Kevin at a diner, she comes prepared with a list of reasons why him showing up at her door was inappropriate. She's fully prepared to storm off and leave him there — until a plate of cheese fries shows up at Kevin's table.

If you think that storyline is unrealistic, you have not experienced the goodness of a true cheese fry basket. For all we know, this could be a diner with cheese fries so legendary, they inspire people to eat the cheese paper (a.k.a., peeling the cheese off the wax paper the fries come on, and yes, I have done this). Cheese fries are the cure for even the most broken of relationships.

Check out the exclusive clip over at TV Line.

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