Mariah Carey's New Video Is Glam, Glittery & A Huge Middle Finger To Her Ex

Photo: YouTube.
Thanks to the holy trinity of Mariah's World, Mimi's Instagram, and Us Weekly, we watched Mariah Carey's relationship with Australian billionaire James Packer go from a sweet, sweet fantasy to a complete breakdown. And against all odds, the diva of divas managed to shake off all of the drama and make it happen with backup dancer and choreographer Bryan Tanaka. Even though we have plenty of Instas, on-demand reruns, and all of those emotions, Mimi decided to bless us all with a track to commemorate the entire journey.

In true Mariah style, she dropped her new single, "I Don't," with much pre-release social-media fanfare. When the video was released today, the chanteuse showed us exactly how she feels about her ex and that she's most certainly 100% ready to move on.

Some of the song lyrics include, "Said you would always be mine, feeding me nothing but lines. I was so gone, I admit it. Had me messed up for a minute." But the accompanying visuals? Let's just say that Mimi's definitely showing Packer what he let go. In the video, which opens with rapper YG, we see a lot of gold and a grand chandelier (a Mariah staple), and Carey fleeing the scene in what appears to be a hybrid lingerie-wedding dress ensemble, complete with a veil. Subtle.

Once she's situated on a white convertible, we're treated to some impressive lingerie-as-clothing options while Mariah showcases her legs and plenty of skin — and let's not forget the diamonds. Packer may have given her a $10 million engagement ring worthy of royalty, but all these sparklers are Mimi's.

And then there's, "You messed up all we had. Probably think I’m coming back. But I don’t..." The video switches between a white bridal look (complete with garter belt) to a lace-up black number with a matching black Rolls Royce convertible. Ahem, did we mention that Packer's a big fan of collecting expensive cars? The message is clear: Mariah's doing just fine.

The real coup de grâce? In the video's closing scenes, Carey is clad in a red gown and channeling Game of Thrones' Melisandre — Mariahsandre? — while pacing around a fire. The camera pans to the flames and instead of the usual stack of logs, we see that the flames are stoked with a wedding gown. It looks like even the Red Woman herself won't be able to resurrect this relationship.

It's a breakup anthem for the books and a master class in showing your ex exactly what they're missing.
Check out the full video, below.

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