Lady Gaga's Halftime Show Is Basically A Cardio Workout With Costume Changes

Lady Gaga's been prepping for the Super Bowl halftime show by horseback riding and practicing in a tent. And now that we've heard about her routine, that's starting to make sense.

She revealed on Good Morning America that the performance is going to be fittingly athletic. "I work out a lot," she said. "I also do versa-climbing while I sing, and I sing while I do it. Because the show is full on cardio, [so are] my performances most of the time. So, it's cardio while singing."

If that doesn't sound crazy enough, she said at a press conference that her show would be "high adrenaline" with multiple costume changes, Entertainment Tonight reports.

Now, we're kind of glad she's not inviting guests to join her on the stage. It sounds like that could get dangerous.

When asked on GMA how it felt to go from dive bars to this, she offered a typical Gaga answer. "I would say when you play a dive bar, my philosophy is you should play it like it's [Madison Square] Garden," she said. "So, when I play the NRG stadium in Houston, I'm gonna play it like it's a dive bar. I'm gonna do it my way."

Please do, Gaga. That's exactly what we're looking forward to.

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