McDonald's Has 4 New Shamrock Shakes & We're SO EXCITED

Photo: courtesy of McDonald's.
The Shamrock Shake, McDonald's classic St. Patrick's Day beverage, is back — in five flavors this year, Brand Eating reports.

Along with the original mint mix, the restaurant's also selling a chocolate Shamrock milkshake, a frappe, a hot chocolate, and a mocha.

The Chocolate Shamrock Shake's got chocolate shake on the bottom, the original on top, and chocolate syrup drizzled over the whipped cream. The brown and green color combo makes it look beautiful in its glass. Mixing the colors with the straw has got to be half the fun of drinking it.

It's long been on Micky D's secret menu, according to Consumerist, but this is the first time the fast food chain's announced it publicly.

The Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe, Shamrock Hot Chocolate, and Shamrock Mocha have the usual ingredients but with Shamrock Shake syrup blended in.

And all of them, including the old standby, have one new addition: festive green sugar flakes on top.

They're being rolled out right this moment, so be on the lookout for eye-catchingly green McDonald's cups.

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