Ciara Learns Not To Go To SeaWorld Unless You Want Everyone To Hate You

Ciara recently visited SeaWorld with her son, Future, and her husband, Russell Wilson. You'd think this was a pretty innocuous outing — and yet the internet is pissed.

The trio had private time with two orcas who can be seen "making music and dancing" along with the family, as instructed by one of the trainers. As of now, the brief clip has over 700,000 views and nearly 4,000 comments. Most of them are berating the "Goodies" singer for supporting the SeaWorld foundation, many urging her to watch the headline-making 2013 documentary, Blackfish.

Following the release of the award-winning doc, the once popular aquatic theme park has been hit hard by the consistent public backlash. One of the most infamous orcas from the film, Tilikum, died January 6 from a bacterial lung infection (he was also responsible for the death of a park trainer).

One comment begs: "Please watch blackfish." Another agrees, adding, "Watch Blackfish you are too grown and educated to be supporting the captivating of animals." And another commenter pointed out that because Wilson plays for the Seattle Seahawks, it would be easy for the family to go on a boat tour to see families of orcas in the wild. They write, "It makes me sad they live in Seattle and can go on Orca/Whale watching tours locally and see these beauties in the WILD in their natural environment but choose to do this..."

Neither the singer, who is pregnant, nor her famous athlete husband, have replied to the backlash against the video.

Making Music and Dancing With The Whales 🐳

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