Rings Prank Terrorizes Television-Shopping Customers

When I first watched The Ring, it was with a friend who later became a Division-I basketball player at about noon. We sat, or stood, in my parents living room, occasionally pausing the movie to pace around and reassure each other that we were still in Los Angeles, and that the ghoul wasn't really coming through the screen at us. Still, we had to stop about halfway through and return the tape to Blockbuster. The only way I know how that movie ends is because I read its Wikipedia entry.

The only reason I bring this up is: I totally empathize with these shoppers. These people were in the store looking to buy a high definition television (already a soul-endangering experience) when Samara pops out of the goddamn screen. (Samara is the name of The Ring ghoul, so at least you learned one thing today.)

The people predictably lose their minds. And who can blame them? Imagine dying in a TV store! Horrible. Costco, sure, you're getting some great deals on bulk shrimp. TV store, no silver lining.

Watch people lose their minds below.

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