This Restaurant Live-Broadcasts Your Entire Meal To The World

I love eating more than, well more than probably anything. But if there's one thing that horrifies me most, it's eating in front of people who are not eating. Why? Because it's just uncomfortable. The feeling of being watched, or even judged (could my chewing be any louder?!), like some sort of animal in the zoo munching on its midday meal is the worst. So understandably, the following news made me a little queasy: There is a restaurant in Brooklyn that is live-streaming its patron's dining experiences.

According to Buzz60, Live On Air Brooklyn serves up Louisiana comfort food. And then, it broadcasts the prepping, cooking, serving, and ingesting of that food live on Facebook and Periscope. There are 15 cameras in the dining area alone, with more in the back capturing the chefs and servers getting down and dirty with your order of chicken and waffles. And as if spooning some shrimp and grits while the cameras watch you isn't thrilling enough, you are welcome to stand on a televised stage with your waiter post meal. There you can share your dining experience with the world — a narrative that I will be excluding myself from. But to each, their own. Check out the video below and tell us if you'd live-stream your next dining experience in the comments.

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