Stop Everything: Zendaya's Hairstylist Is Spilling Her Tips & Tricks

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Kim Kimble has built a Hollywood hair empire that reads a lot like a modern fairytale. First, there are her A-list celeb clients. Think: Zendaya, Beyoncé, Shakira, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. Then, of course, her product line. And, finally, a hair studio — and a hit T.V. show that chronicles its dynamic employees. Did we mention she's self-made, getting her start as a shampoo girl at her mother's salon?

As expected, she's not resting on her laurels. Kimble’s regularly expanding her product line for curly and straight textures and even released an innovative flat iron that uses vapor for a shining finish — and less damage on textured hair.

To celebrate the premiere of season five of L.A. Hair this month, Kimble broke down some of our favorite looks. From Beyoncé’s Lemonade curls to Nicki Minaj’s pin-straight strands, Kimble is spilling all her hair secrets ahead.
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The Trick: Try a double-barrel iron — then brush, brush, brush.

For the Super Bowl 50 Halftime show, Beyoncé stepped out with a completely new look. While her costume was highly discussed, her and her dancers' “baby hair and Afros” really completed the look, Kimble says. Kimble wrapped sections of Bey's hair around a double barrel iron in a figure-8 pattern to create the texture, then used a paddle brush to fluff out the style to full volume.
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The Trick: Strategically apply dry shampoo.

While some of Kimble's celeb clients prefer to have every hair in place when they step out, she's found that many are looking for something a little less perfect. For the latter set — that prefers a casual, lived-in look — she applies dry shampoo to second day hair to fluff up just the roots and outer layers.
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The Look: Juxtapose menswear clothing with high-shine hair.

Kimble's rule of thumb for rocking menswear-inspired pieces? Keep it pulled together with a high-shine hairstyle, whether curly or straight.
Zendaya’s style is easy for anyone to achieve, no matter your texture, Kimble says.

For those with curly hair, prep your locks using argan oil and a flat iron (heed Kimble's advice on the previous slide). Wavy to straight hair can go right into step two. That is, use a medium-sized curling iron to create this classic look. Simply curl under and over, alternating each section, and only roll the iron upwards to the cheekbone. Finish with hairspray and let curls loosen up naturally.
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The Trick: Less is more — but leave-in conditioner is always encouraged.

This look from Beyoncé’s Lemonade video was inspired by the Victorian era when many women did little to their hair, Kimble says. The stylist modernized the style by applying a leave-in conditioner to Bey's natural curl pattern and allowed it to air-dry undisturbed. Have straight hair? Braid damp hair and allow to dry on it's own to create a similar wave, Kimble says.
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The Trick: Always apply oil after you flat iron — always!

Many of Kimble’s clients go crazy for the bone-straight look. However, we’re all familiar with the problems hot tools can cause. To get a less-damaging finish, Kimble suggests using a ceramic iron that distributes heat — without frying your ends. She developed her Silk Vapor Flat Iron for just this. Here comes the most important part: Always finish with oil to seal in your hard work.
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The Trick: Go big with flexi rods.

There's more than one way to score big hair — and by big, we mean huge. Kimble added clip-in extensions to Kelly Rowland’s hair to create these dramatic, voluminous, and architectural shapes. “I just love big hair!” she says. Don’t have full curls or a clip-in budget? Set your hair with small flexi rods, then pull the individual curls apart for the same look, Kimble says. (Amazon or your local beauty supply is a great place to pick up a set.)
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The Trick: Don't skimp on the oil.

“Oil doesn’t travel down the hair shaft of curly hair very well,” Kimble notes, so don't plan on the sebum from your head conditioning your lengths. Instead, warm oil in your hands (like argan oil) and hit your ends daily. “The curlier and kinkier the hair, the more you have to add oil into it.” Keeping your curls moisturized is key for Kimble’s natural clients.
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The Trick: Cocktail your Afro for lasting volume.

Curly, natural hair is becoming bigger and more popular than we've seen over the past years, Kimble says. So much so, she's jumped in, too. “I recently took the journey of growing my hair out natural," Kimble told us. "There is something really cool about understanding your texture.” For super-tight, kinky, and curly hair, Kimble suggests cocktailing a curl cream (like Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl Cream) with a serum (like the Liquid Curl Enhancer) for moisturized curls — and a hold that last for days.
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