Reddit Just Did The Cutest Thing For This Couple’s Lost Engagement Photo

Sometimes, the internet is a beautiful thing.

Yesterday, Reddit user @JTran1 posted this photo of a textbook-perfect proposal in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, hoping the couple would find the moment he had captured. "To the newly engaged couple — I hope this picture finds you! Congratulations!" said his post. "The couple seemed preoccupied, so I left without getting an email address," he clarified later.
Well, only three hours after the original post was made, it seems the couple was reunited with their engagement photo. "I can't believe this! This is my engagement! I can't wait to show her this, thank you Reddit!" posted @newly_engaged, presumably the guy in the photo. "To the photographer: Can you send this in full resolution? Do you have any others?"

The two users DMed to verify @newly_engaged's identity, and it looks like it was legit.

"Hello all! Put your pitchforks away — I've been contacted by the newly engaged woman in said photo. She was able to verify both herself and u/newly_engaged. I'll be in contact with them to offer more photos. Thanks for your help all!" wrote @JTran1, the original witness.

What a happy internet ending. We just have one question: Why didn't the couple plan for someone to take photos in the first place? With a proposal this lovely (The candles! The rose petals! Going all out despite the snow flurries!), one would hope they keep a photo to frame on the mantelpiece and show the grandkids someday.

Redditors, on the other hand, seemed more concerned with how they got that table home. "So I wonder how the convo went afterwards... 'Babe, I'm so glad you said yes. Now will you carry this table to the car?'" wrote @lolwuuut. To which @whatev3691 responded, "It's New York, no one has cars. More like, 'Can you help me lug this table onto the subway while everyone else glares at us?' or possibly, 'Fuck it, let's get an Uber XL.'" (We can't say we don't utter that on a regular basis...)

However the table got home, we're glad the newly engaged couple gets to enjoy their cute proposal photo. It's definitely save-the-date-magnet material.

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