This Is The Lipstick To Wear If You're Going To The Women's March

Don’t even bother asking “who run the world?” The answer is, and always will be, girls. (Though we prefer 'women,' we can't deny that it's not quite as catchy in lyrical form.) But girl power is so much more than a rah-rah catchphrase. In fact, it’s arguably more relevant now than ever. It’s a call to action, an inspiration, a reason to boost each other up and not tear each other down, and a constant reminder that the fight’s not over yet.

We’ll take every opportunity we can to celebrate women — and if it involves lip color, well, that’s just the icing on the cake. Clearly, cult-favorite makeup brand Hourglass is on the same page as us, because it just launched GIRL, a line of 20 lipsticks with seriously inspiring names. That's not all: There's a social media movement that urges women to recognize the good in others and in themselves behind it, too.

The #GIRLFORGOOD campaign encourages people to upload photos of themselves or their friends and tag them with one of the 20 shade names — you can choose from Believer, Creator, Explorer, Seeker, Peacemaker, Achiever, Influencer, Dreamer, Idealist, Futurist, Activist, Inventor, Lover, Innovator, Visionary, Icon, Leader, Liberator, Protector, and Warrior.

In doing this simple act of appreciation, Hourglass hopes that participants will be able to set off a flood of positivity. It’s exactly the kind of initiative we need to remind ourselves just how important it is to not only be kind to and supportive of our fellow humans, but also let our voices, purposes, and passions guide us to make big changes — and to never, ever shy away from a good red lip.

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