Jon Hamm Just Got Real About Men In Makeup — & We're Here For It

Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty Images.
If you've ever watched Mad Men — or even if you haven't — you probably know Jon Hamm. As Don Draper, he was the endlessly confident, and good looking, advertising exec. But in real life, Hamm isn't ashamed to admit that his world doesn't come without enhancements — namely in the makeup department, Glamour reports.

Now, it's no secret that men who are in — and outside of — Hollywood wear makeup, but it's rarely discussed in the mainstream media. Whereas women are often asked to divulge their beauty secrets in interviews, guys almost always get a free pass. But Hamm? He doesn't seem to mind. "It’s funny when guys don’t like to talk about makeup," he told the publication. "I’m like, 'You know you’re wearing makeup, right? We all are."

And while it's hard to imagine Hamm touching up his T-zone in the bathroom at the Golden Globes, it's true that men could use a blotting sheet just as much as anyone. Glamour sat down to chat with the actor and his groomer, Kim Verbeck, — because yes, men have groomers, too — to discuss how he gets read carpet-ready. "None of us are George Clooney," he said, after Verbeck noted that she uses a tinted moisturizer, powder, and some concealer on him.

Jokes aside, it's refreshing to hear Hamm speak out about how men should have no shame in the cosmetics game. If anything, we hope his commentary sparks a conversation that challenges people to rethink gender roles in the beauty industry — especially during a time where doing so is more important than ever.

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