Say It Ain't So: These Shows Won't Return In 2017

Bummer news, my friends: your favorites show may not return in 2017.
According to Entertainment Weekly, six popular series won't return to their network or streaming platform in 2017. That doesn't mean the shows are canceled, however: According to the report, they are simply taking a break. Phew.
And not like a Ross and Rachel break, either. These shows plan on returning as soon as possible but have been held up for different reasons. Some are hoping to create the best content possible, hence waiting to perfect the material before going into production. Others are waiting for their leads to clear their schedule before a new season can commence. Whatever the reason, one thing remains the same across the board: we'll really miss these shows.
Stay strong, TV fans, and click through to find out which shows you'll miss in 2017:
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For six episodes, Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) gave us a tour of London through her very skewed eyes. She has vicious spats with her sister. She has lots of anonymous sex with underwhelming men. Her cafe is falling apart. But underlying all of this drama is the great grief of Phoebe's life: The recent death of her best friend.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until 2018 to see how she's getting on.
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This theme park won't open its doors until 2018. HBO's cowboys-and-robots series takes a lot of time to create, and EW reports that the showrunners plan to have 10 episodes written before season 2 goes into production. With all of those special effects and crazy set pieces, it makes sense that Westworld needs more than a year between seasons — it's basically a 10-hour blockbuster flick.
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Blame Star Wars for the FX series lack of 2017 episodes: Donald Glover will play Lando in the upcoming Han Solo prequel, leaving limited time for his Golden Globe-winning sitcom.
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American Crime Story

Ryan Murphy's anthology series is taking its time preparing season 2, which will be about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The writers are spending extra time perfecting the script, but fortunately, there is a bonus to waiting for the new season. According to EW, American Crime Story will return for two seasons in 2018, the second of which will be about the murder of Gianni Versace.
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Jessica Jones

Marvel's crime-fighting private detective won't see new episodes on Netflix in 2017.
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Luke Cage

The crimefighter won't return for a season 2 in 2017. However, both he and Jessica Jones will return for The Defenders, a limited-series that will combine characters from Netflix's previous Marvel shows.
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Daredevil won't premiere its season 3 on Netflix in 2017, but characters from this Marvel series will join Jessica and Luke in The Defenders. EW reports that the spinoff The Punisher may stream on Netflix in 2017, but no date has been set yet. What will premiere is Iron Fist, another series from the Marvel universe.

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